Personal Training

I started my personal training business in 2009. My speciality is in functional exercise and core strength.
I have a strong belief that our bodies have an incredible ability to fix our problems by themselves with what could be only small adjustments and guidance. With that in mind I assess your posture, movement pattern and form, then start a program tailored for your training/treatment plan to improve your condition and solve the root problem.
I offer not only a remedial type of personal training, but also general strength, weight loss and simply kick butt training!

My personal training session is a part of general strength training, this includes Pilates reformer, Yoga and Pilates.
Yoga/Pilates small group sessions are suitable for your office environment to keep the workplace happy and lifted. I can come to your office with Yoga/Pilates mats and other small equipment to deliver the session.
(Extra charge will apply depending on traveling time/cost)


One-on-one: $60/60min
Small group (2-4 People): $80/60 min
Small group (4-8 people): $100/60min
Please talk to me if you have more than 8 people.